Tips for Streamlining Breastfeeding After Childbirth


Tips for Streamlining Breastfeeding After Childbirth

During pregnancy, the one thing I hope for the most new mothers is to be able to provide exclusive breastfeeding for my baby after giving birth. Yes, of course this is not just a wish, but I try to get the breasts out. In the end, I could feel the results of this hope and my efforts. My baby can get enough milk. In fact, I can still donate breast milk to my friend's baby who was born prematurely.

Through this article quoted from, I would like to share the ways I do so that breast milk comes out quickly after giving birth.


During pregnancy, I always stimulate my mind and body so that one day I can provide good food for my child, namely breast milk. Apart from mental stimulation, I also stimulate my breasts using a puller. Actually, this tool is used to attract the attention of prospective mothers who have flat nipples. But I also suggest fishing for colostrum. I did this in the 8th month of pregnancy and I was successful.

Breast massage

I was diligent in massaging my breasts when I was pregnant. I do this every day before taking a shower. Although people say that massaging the breasts can cause contractions, but as long as I tried it I didn't feel it. What I feel is massage and blood circulation to the breasts.

Warm Water Compress

Compressing the breast with hot water is also important to improve blood circulation to the breast glands. After returning from the hospital, I routinely compress my breasts with warm water while taking a shower. Before compressing it, First I apply coconut oil to the breast so it doesn't blister. I still do this to this day. Since I have returned to work, I do compresses after work and before taking a shower.

Healthy food

Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Increase consumption of green vegetables, fish, meat, fruit and nuts to increase milk production. The most important thing for me, eat food that you like.

Drink lots of air

Don't forget to always consume more water before and after breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk. Because fluids are the main constituent of breast milk, additional fluids also affect milk production.

Breastfeeding diligently

From references both from books and articles on the internet that I have read, almost all agree that if you breastfeed diligently, your milk production will also run smoothly. As you breastfeed more frequently, the more breastmilk is automatically produced.

Happy feeling

I am sure if you are happy, it will have an impact on the production of breast milk. My experience yesterday when I returned home, my milk production doubled because of the happy factor. Happy to meet family, also happy because I can vacation. So, don't forget to be happy and stay enthusiastic in breastfeeding your baby.

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