7 Habits That Can Disturb Our Mental Health

7 Habits That Can Disturb Our Mental Health

We need to realize that our biggest enemy is not other people, but ourselves. Your habits and thoughts, even if you take them for granted, can affect your mood and can damage your mental health. As with the health of our bodies, mental disorders will also cause symptoms that will eventually hinder daily activities if not treated immediately.

The following are some of the things that can hurt your mental health:

1. Hopeless

People who have this trait tend to give up easily. Hence, being pessimistic not only affects the way you view life, it also affects your mental health. If allowed and dragged on, it will cause hope and despair.

Therefore, start learning to always think positively. Identify your weaknesses and strengths, and focus on your strengths.

2. Perfectionist

Perfectionists tend to make a person want everything to be perfect, go according to plan, and be flawless. So that many people are disappointed because they have perfect standards, especially if what is planned does not come true. If you don't care quickly, you will be very vulnerable to interference.

It is important to set realistic, more achievable goals and deal with mistakes or failures as a form of learning. If you are already feeling anxious, calm yourself down in a relaxed way.

3. Obsessive thoughts

Obsessions are negative thoughts that arise and get out of control and repeat past events and what is being experienced.

For example, if you are obsessed with checking your smartphone or social media, you don't want to miss any news. If you haven't held your cellphone for a while, there are negative thoughts that come to your mind such as "What if our girlfriend calls?", Or other things.

This can stress your body and brain, and your heart and breath to increase rapidly. All of this will be especially bad for your mental health.

4. Inferiority

Judging yourself can also hurt your mental health. People who tend to have low self-esteem, always lack self-evaluation, compare with others, and also blame yourself too often and will make you easily stressed and depressed.

It is better if you focus on what you have, always maximize your potential, prove to yourself that you have a myriad of abilities and don't overly judge other people's comments about you.

5. Lack of sleep

Body regeneration can be done by sleeping. Therefore, lack of sleep not only makes you easily sleepy, it can mess with your system's performance. This is very detrimental to your mental health. In a study it has been proven that if someone is sleep deprived they will experience various types of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD.

Get used to always sleeping 8 hours a day. If you have a problem with sleep disorders, consult a doctor immediately so you can see what causes it and how to deal with it.

6. Lazy to move

Studies that have been conducted by experts from the University of London found a link between depression and physical. Studies conducted because people who are active in motion tend to be less likely to experience depression, because activity can reduce the risk of depression.

7. Holding on to anger

Holding on to anger can also harm a person's mental health. In the journal Advances in 2017, British experts found that a person who is unable to vent in a healthy manner is more prone to experiencing a variety of depressive symptoms.

Therefore, start learning to properly vent your emotions and feelings of disappointment, anger, and other negative feelings. Don't be kept alone, especially if it hurts your mental health. Tell someone you trust or you can also write down your feelings in a diary.

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