Understanding Discussion Method

Discussion is a process of seeing two or more individuals intracting verbally and facing each other about a particular goal through the exchange of information in maintaining opinions or solving problem.

The discussion method is the process of interaction between students and other students of students and teachers to analyze an issue, solve a problem, explore a particular topic, or problem.

Discussion Method
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This method allows students to communicate about the subject matter with other students and with the teacher. This method is widely applied to cooperative learning and problem solving models. Discussions are usually done in groups. Group members should have diversity both in terms of academic and social abilities. The purpose of this method is to increase motivation and stimulate passive students to become active.

The usefulness of the discussion method, namely:
  • Make use of various abilities that exist in students
  • Give opportunities to students to channel their abilities
  • Get the feedback from students, whether the goals have been achieved
  • Help students to learn critical thinking
  • Help students learning to assess the abilities and roles of themselves and their friends (other people)
  • Help students to realize and be able to formulate various problems that are seen, both from their own experience and from school lessons
  • Develop motivation for further learning

The discussion method has several advantages, they are;
  • To turn on the classroom, atmosphere, because each students are given the opportunity to argue
  • To train students to respect the opinion of others and comply with group roles
  • To increase students' confidence because speaking in fron of their peers in a group is easier for some students than speaking in front of the class
  • To encourage students to contribute their thoughts to solve shared problems
  • To improve student achievement
  • To facilitate the understanding of material because the material is concluded by the group
  • To stimulate students to think critically and decide problem solving based on group choices

The weaknesses of this method include:
  • It often happens that discussions are dominated by students who are active and like to talk. If it is allowed to happen, the teacher shall act to give direction to students here
  • The result of discussions is sometimes unpredictable and it is not in accordance with the learning objectives if the teacher does not provide clear signs
  • It takes longer, because sometimes the group members talk about other things outside the material being discussed
  • It is only effective for small groups
  • The group members only get limited information or material

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