6 Important Nutrition for Bone, Joint, and Muscle Health

Calcium and Vitamin D: Bone Health
Do you ever hear that calcium is one of the important point for bones? And is 99% of the body's calcium in the bones? Therefore, when we do not consume enough calcium, the body breaks our bones to release calcium. It can result in loss of bone mass. And if it happens for a long time, it can cause deteriorating bone health.

Nutrition for Bone

A part from lack of calcium intake is Vitamin D deficiency which can also cause poor development of our bone health.

Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium by ensuring it is carried from the intestine to the blood

Then, how do I make sure if the intake of calcium and vitamin D in my daily diet is enough?

We all know that milk and products made from milk are good sources of calcium. But did you know that there are some foods that naturally coonsist of vitamin D? It means, the sources of vitamin D comes from skin exposed to sun exposure. And it happens because of factors such as age, ethnicity and lifestyle that can reduce the production of vitamin D or skin, we should add a menu containing vitamin D to our daily menu.

Protein and Magnesium: Muscle Health
Protein is an important part of the body, where they are parts of every cell and body tissue of protein. Especially in the muscle, where it consists of 20% of protein. With a good and sufficient protein intake, new muscle fibers can be produced by the body to maintain healthy muscle mass.

Protein can be obtained from a variety of food sources, but milk protein is considered as a source of high-quality protein.

Why? Because protein in milk consists of a unique combination of amino acids that are highly good for muscle health, it helps reduce the risk of muscle loss due to the aging process!

But not only protein, you also need Magnesium
Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in protein synthesis, muscle function, energy metabolism, relaxation and muscle contraction. In addition, magnesium has also been shown to positively influence muscle health, it can improve performance and muscle mass.

Collagen and Vitamin C: Joint Health
Collagen is not only good for skin rejuvenation, you know! Collagen is also an important component of bones and joints and the main function of collagen is to help the body tissue stay resistant to stretching and deformation.

The research shows that the intake of collagen found in our food can be beneficial for joint health. Collagen is also an important ingredient in the formation of cartilage in the joints, where collagen serves to maintain joint health.

Collagen intake is important for joint health, but preventing joints from damage caused by free radicals is equally important. Prevention can be done by adding foods or drinks that consist of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, into our daily menu.

Vitamin C is not only needed in collagen production, but also has a role as a body protector from the danger of free radicals.

Source: www.anlene.com (Accessed on 18 February 2020)

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