3 Sports that Are Most Effective for Losing Weight

Losing Weight
Sport is a way that someone can do to maintain health and fitness. This method can also be taken to maintain the ideal body weight.

Exercise has the function to burn calories precisely and quickly in the body. The choice of the right type of exercise can support the goals to be achieved by someone.

Almost all sports that are taken can have an impact on burning of the calories in body. It is just that certain sports have a greater impact on burning calories and impacting weight loss.

The choice of exercise that is able to burn calories quickly can be highly impactful for weight loss. Reporting from The Health Site, here are a number of sports that can burn calories quickly and effectively.

Boxing requires the strength of the whole body. This exercise also requires a good balance of the body and muscle strength of the body as a whole when taking it.

This exercise can burn about 800 to 1000 calories in one session which is much higher than other sports. Besides in burning calories from the whole body, it is also able to burn fat at the bottom of the arm. 

To burn fat and strengthen the body, running is the right way. This method can be highly easy to take and effective compared to other sports.

Running one kilometer can help burning 100 kilometers. Every additional kilometer can burn more calories. Even so, you have to pay attention to warming up to avoid injury.

Cross-fit is perfect blend of exercise that moves all parts of the body. This exercise forces all parts of the body to exert energy to take it.

When taking this sport, there are number of movements involved. Based on research, every minute of cross-fit movements can burn 12 calories or equal to 700 calories in one hour.

Source: merdeka.com (accessed 8 February 2020 6.30 a.m)

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